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About Microhelp

Based in Central Cheshire we have clients across the whole of England; addressing primarily the needs of Public (and Bonded) warehouses, freight forwarders and importers, we can draw on over thirty years experience to advise and develop IT solutions for clients of all sizes. Our history with logistics and freight provides a wide range of experience, which we are able to utilise to provide bespoke and tailored inventory managment systems for all types of business.

Microhelp Ltd was incorporated in November 1984 and has striven to provide a first class value-for-money service since that time.

Latest technology allows us to provide remote support directly to your desktop (with the appropriate permissions) and our FTP server gives you access to product updates at any time.

We work extremely hard to make all of our solutions simple to understand and operate - the easier it looks the harder we worked to make it that way. We understand that you are not necessarily IT people, you have a business to run and IT is a necessary tool. We convey solutions in English, avoiding any incomprehensible jargon; our aim is to make you as self-sufficient as possible and we achieve this by basing our software development on tried and tested components and a direct dialogue with the end user.

We still have some clients on our books from the mid-eighties so we are clearly doing something right.

For a discussion of your IT requirements, without obligation, please contact us now.

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