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With the end of the transition period looming HMRC have introduced an Import procedure which does not require prior approval - although there are certain limitations. EIDR Entry into Declarant's Records, allows importers of goods from mainland Europe (Northern Ireland movements are not included) to record all of the necessary data required for making the appropriate HMRC Import declaration at a later stage. You will need to become approved in order to submit your own import declarations (complete form C&E48 - help sheet here) and you have up to July 1st to achieve this. The procedure is limited to imports of non-controlled goods already in free circulation in the EU, so alcohol, tobacco products and goods in an EU Customs warehouse among others are specifically excluded.

We have recently released our microEIDR product, with a one-off cost of £299+VAT for the data capture element the program allows the user (with user populated lookup tables for tariff/commodity code, Product details and exchange rates) to fulfill the requirements of EIDR until they become approved (before July 1st 2021). Our development road map includes the ability to generate and submit the necessary Supplementary Declarations. For those clients that want to make their own declarations they will then have the opportunity to convert the program to a subscription based service for a monthly charge of between £60-100 + VAT, dependent upon volumes. You may view a brief introduction to the system Here. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements or to purchase a software licence for the data capture element.
If you're looking for a software provider then Here's the list on the HMRC website (or just search for "software providers for simplified declarations for imports" and select the www.gov.uk link)

Going Digital

Over the next few months and years HMRC will be rolling out access to their APIs (Application Program Interface), this allows developers, such as ourselves, to provide software that has been tested in HMRCs Development environment. There are many APIs available, our focus at Microhelp is on the new CDS - The forthcoming release that will allow us to migrate the current users of our CFSP system to the new HMRC CDS API. Our software will address the requirements of Customs Warehouse users, with the appropriate authorisation, to make declarations relating to the removal of goods from their Customs Warehouse

VAT MtD will be the system of which nearly all UK business will need to become aware. Likely to be the first step on the road to fully digital declarations for businesses that currently complete their VAT returns via the HMRC website. Our VAT MtD (Making Tax Digital) solution is currently designed to interface to our accounts and ERP package - we are happy to discuss your specific requirements if your current accounting software is unable to provide the necessary changes.

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