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Software For Your Business

Haulier Solutions

Our Haulier program is designed to assist and improve record keeping and job charging for the small to medium sized haulage company. The package is flexible enough to allow use after the event or before it. Entering data before collection/delivery occurs provides the ability to report and print load lists; after the event that same data is collated onto a schedule, which may be printed at any time and automatically invoices all jobs to-date for a specific customer.

Freight Solutions

After more than three years in development we have produced a software package which brings together much of our experience of dealing with freight forwarders and combines that knowledge and experience to provide a multi-user, multi-modal and multi-currency system aimed at covering all aspects of documentation for forwarding jobs whether they are land, sea or air.

The structured design of the databases allows subsequent reporting on many aspects of revenue and costs of the jobs in hand. The facility to record inbound invoices against specific elements on a job means that you can easily spot duplicate invoices, you know in advance those outstanding costs (an easy way to check your CASS statement or provide a list of accruals for your accountant) and you can compare costs and revenues on an element by element basis.

Much of the reporting can easily be converted to a spreadsheet or e-mailed to your colleagues or clients. The size and cost of hard disc space allows the (almost) permanent retention of records providing you with historical data for trend analysis and comparison reports. The program includes a CRM (customer relationship management) function to allow you to record and recall your (salesman's) visits, phone calls and other important information including setting a reminder for future contact with this client; anyone answering a call can easily get up to speed with recent communications and can respond knowledgeably based on their access to this data. Reporting includes waybills, CMRs, collection and delivery notes, job costing and not to forget the invoice(s) in addition to many more.